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The Power of a full scale digital marketing team - right at your finger tips.

Yyppee's Base Platform and two separate marketing Add-ons can sync and connect with each other to produce unmatched marketing reach and customer engagement.

1. base platform
One Platform HAS IT ALL

We know how important marketing your restaurant is and how challenging it can be having to use multiple sites and platforms to do it. Fear Not! We put everything you could possibly want to offer and share with your customers all on one platform to make it easier for you.

Engage Customers

Yyppee automatically engages customers to come into your restaurant more often using push notifications to alert them every time you update any one of your restaurant’s marketing features.

Easy To use

We know how you think and feel about technology and just how much you love it. We also know how important technology is when it comes to digital marketing. So we made Yyppee super simple, easy, and quick to use.

Stay Connected

Yyppee’s platform not only connects you with your customers, it also connects you with local distributors, manufacturers, and restaurant owners throughout the United States.

2. yyppee personal assistant


Yyppee Personal Assistants

We're Excited To Join Your Team!

Let one of us handle all your Yyppee marketing needs.

Get your own specialized Yyppee Personal Assistant (YPA) to update, manage and help you with all your marketing and account needs. You just tell your YPA what you want done and they do it all for you!
Only $100/per month
per restaurant.

3. Yyppee Smart Y-Fi


Yyppee Smart Y-Fi

Marketing made effortless.
IncreaseD Business

Our system collects your customers contact information each time they connect to the Yyppee Smart Y-Fi. It then uses this information to market your restaurant to your customers for you automatically. Customers that connect to the Yyppee Smart Y-Fi come back to your restaurant 65% more than customers that don’t.

platform Pricing Options

How would you like to get started? You can have one of our Yyppee Customer Service Reps set-up your restaurants for you for a one-time setup fee of $39.00 per restaurant or you can do it yourself.

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