Yyppee's Smart Y-fi is a simple system set up in your restaurant, that collects incredible amounts of data about each customer when they connect to our Y-fi.

This information is then used to market everything about your
restaurant to these customers.

Guests Check in via:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Email
  • SMS
Data Collected Per Guest:
  • First + Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Cell Number
  • Apple or Android
  • Peak times Y-fi used
  • Time spent at Restaurant
  • New Vs Old Customers
  • Compares data between your multiple restaurants.

Marketing Data


We will use the data we collect to market your restaurant through the Yyppee platform.

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Your Restaurant

Yyppee will share all the data collected with you so you can create your own marketing campaigns.

More Benefits

Added Protection

Prevents unwanted attacks on all your internal restaurant systems, including your POS system, which your current Y-fi provider may not.

Facebook Check in

Allows Customers to "check in" on Facebook while at your restaurant providing additional massive
marketing for free.

Restaurant Y-fi Usage

You determine how long customers can use the Y-fi. Is it 15 minutes,
30 minutes, 45 minutes?
It’s your choice!

and so much more...

A Simple set up in 1-2 Minutes

We make your current Wi-Fi " Private " and make our Yyppee Y-fi Free to your customers.

We simply plug our secure Yyppee Y-fi router into a wall plug for power and a port in the back of your current router. We are now ready to start collecting marketing data!

All Plans Include

  • Free Secure Y-fi (No Password Required)
  • POS System Protection
  • Customer Full Name Captured
  • Customer Email Captured
  • Customer Date of Birth Captured
  • New Guests This Week
  • New Guests Last Week
  • New Guests This Month
  • New Guests Last Month
  • New Guests vs Old Guests
  • Time Spent at each Location
  • Peak Times and Hours
  • Compares Data Between Multiple Locations
  • Massive Email Marketing
  • Auto-generated Birthday Email Invite
  • Auto-generated 1 - Minute Welcome Email
  • 15 Day Re-Invite
  • 30 Day Re-Invite
  • 100,000 Emails Per Month/Per Location
  • Email Syncing
  • Facebook Checkins
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Loyalty Rewards Tracking
  • Yyppee Manages It All

After you choose your plan and make your purchase, you will then be taken to the pages to add your first restaurant to the Yyppee platform. Next, you will be taken to the sections to add all the features you want to share and offer to customers.

The prices listed below are for 1 restaurant. If you own multiple restaurants you will need to purchase a subscription plan for each restaurant. Be sure to select the number of restaurants you would like to buy a subscription plan for.

* Additionally, if you want to purchase the Yyppee Smart Y-Fi and or the Yyppee Personal Assistant Add-ons, these options can be added from your cart before you checkout.

Access to all marketing features (17)
Unlimited deals and offers .
Indepth restaurant analytics.
Direct push notification alerts to customers.
Send custom messages every 12 hours to customers.
Automatic smart notifications sent to customers for birthdays and anniversaries.
Real-time customer feedback.
Yyppee - for restaurant owners mobile platform for iPhone and Android.
* Additional Add-ons (These items can be added once you're in your cart.)
Yyppee Smart Y-fi (additional charge) Add in Cart
Yyppee Personal Assistant (additional charge) Add in Cart

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